This is a temporary residence and work permit that an employer requests to hire an employee in Spain after doing study (employment contract granted).

After staying in Spain on the basis of a student’s card for 3 years or more, it is possible to request a modification from the study stay to job contract. Applications for modification are made 90 days before the student’s three-year term of stay on the card.


Legal residence in Spain as a student for the last 3 years and successful completion of studies

No criminal record of a student in Spain and in all countries in which he previously resided (residence/citizenship)

The existence of an employer who will award an employment contract (company, individual entrepreneur or individual)

Modification of the visa is possible if the student has not received any scholarships or subsidies from private or public organizations in Spain or in his country of origin.

In the case of an employer, he must:

– To be registered in the register of the social insurance system;

– To be free of tax and social security arrears;

– To have the economic means to fulfil the obligations of the contract and to cover the expenses of the business itself;

– Grant a contract (indefinido 40 hours) signed by both parties guaranteeing continuous employment for the entire duration of the residence ( 1 year followed by an extension )


The Golden Visa or Investor Visa is a plan that allows citizens outside the EU to obtain qualified residence permits in exchange for investing in Spanish real estate (and other assets), leading to permanent residence in Spain if certain conditions are met:

  • Real estate assets valued at 500,000 euros or more
  • Bank deposits of 1 million euros or more
  • Public debt of 2 million euros or more
  • Business projects in Spain considered of general interest