Non-Lucrative Visa: what is it and what are the requirements to obtain it

Non-lucrative or Passive Income visa is given to non-EU citizens and their family members to live in Spain with their own economic means. Non-lucrative visa has not working permit.

One of its main characteristics is that it does not allow you to carry out any type of economic or professional activity in Spain. In other words, you cannot work for any company operating in the country. It has a non-profit nature during the first year. There’s a possibility to make modification of the residency type at the moment of the renewal process. (Please, check slide 10 for the general information about autonomo/self employed visa and 11 for the modification with the contract from the Spanish company)

  • All those who want to retire in Spain.
  • Foreigners who have sufficient economic funds to support themselves in the country without the need to work.
  • For all those individuals who want to stay during their first year in Spain without working (to visit and discover the country); but after one year they would like to continue with their professional activity. Thus, the non-profit visa is ideal in this sense because it will allow you to modify towards a work permit after your first year.

Sufficient economic means to apply for a Non-Lucrative visa is 2,260 €/monthly or 27,115 €/year for the principal applicant.

It is initially issued for 1 year and you can renew it for 2-year periods afterwards. Along with the main applicant, a spouse or children may be added.

Golden Visa (residencia para inversores)

La Golden Visa o Visado de Inversor es un plan que permite a los ciudadanos de fuera de la UE obtener permisos de residencia calificados a cambio de invertir en propiedades inmobiliarias españolas (y otros activos), lo que lleva a la residencia permanente en España si se cumplen ciertas condiciones:

  • Activos inmobiliarios valorados en € 500.000 o más
  • Acciones o depósitos bancarios por un valor de € 1 millón o más
  • Deuda pública por valor de € 2 millones o más
  • Proyectos empresariales en España considerados de interés general